Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fast Three-Veg Salad

I've been stuck on one or another form of my miso-tahini-lime dressing for a few weeks now, not for lack of interest in variety or anything  like that--I've just been craving the precise flavor combination. Sometimes I'll add fresh or roasted garlic, or lime zest, or hemp seeds, but the core elements just seem to have become one of my favorite combinations.

Last night I came back from the gym around 8 PM--too late to eat a big meal-- and although I've taken to drinking a protein smoothie right after my workout, I still wanted a fresh, crunchy-rich salad. So I made this in about 10 minutes flat. All I did was, I...

1) pulled out the center rib from half a bunch of Tuscan kale (another staple these days), then stacked and sliced them crosswise fairly thin, 2) cut a red bell pepper into strips, 3) whisked together some miso, tahini, fresh lime juice, tamari, Udo's DHA Oil, and sriracha sauce, 4) tossed the kale, red pepper and some mung bean sprouts with the dressing, 5) put the salad on plates (my wife is always up for a salad), 6) sprinkled on some sesame seeds, 7) closed my eyes and followed the river of breath down to the land of gratitude, and 8) ate that sucker with heathen gusto.

Crunchy, creamy, succulent, spicy--what more could I ask of a late dinner?


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