Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fast High Protein Salad

Like most people, sometimes I'm a little spent at the end of the day and although I don't want to compromise on health or pleasure, I also don't feel like investing an hour in the kitchen to produce a decent meal. Enter one of my few "acceptable" compromises: canned beans. Let me add an important caveat, however, which is that they must be organic, in a BPA-free can. Westbrae and Eden are two such options in American stores.

This salad was something I threw together in less than 15 minutes, but it tasted--and satisfied--like one with far more prep and premeditation. All I did was very briefly cook some frozen white corn, rinse and drain a can of red kidney beans, and combine them with diced red onion, radish, and tomato, and coarsely chopped cilantro. For a dressing, I whisked fresh lime juice, Udo's DHA Oil Blend, Chipotle Chile Puree (always on hand--easy recipe below), salt and freshly ground black pepper. Then I tossed it with the bean-corn mixture. I made a bed of hydroponic watercress and sliced Tuscan kale, mounded the vegie-mix in the center, and that was dinner for the lovely wife and self. She suggested that next time I might add some cooked chayote for added Mexi-pleasure, and although that would add to the prep time, I agreed.

Chipotle Chile Puree
Makes about 1 2/3 cups
A little dab of this fiery condiment will spice up any dish.

3 cans (7 ounces) chipotles en adobo

Open the cans and dump the contents into a blender. Process on high to a smooth paste—depending on your blender, this could take anywhere from 1 to 3, or maybe even 4 minutes. Press through a medium-mesh strainer to remove any unblended seeds or skins. Don’t use a very fine mesh, as this will take forever and produce a virtually identical result.
            Scrape the mixture into a glass jar, cover and refrigerate for up to 3 weeks. It’ll actually last a lot longer. To tell the truth, I’ve never had any go bad on me, probably because nothing can live in it, and only humans are interested in eating it. On the other hand, once you start using it and acquire a taste for it, longevity won’t be an issue, believe me.

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  1. I love bean salads. the radish sounds like a great addition I haven't tried before!