Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Scenes From a Cooking Class

Last Sunday, I taught a cooking class to an enthusiastic crowd of about 30 people in the Colorado Springs area. The focus of the class was to align the way we cook and eat with our ultimate purpose (joy). My strategy in this regard is to optimize both health and the pleasure of eating--results which (let's face it) can only be guaranteed by cooking and eating at home. A major highlight, of course, was the benefit of eating a plant-based diet. Naturally, I took the opportunity to promote my cookbooks, Omega 3 Cuisine and Speed Vegan, both of which combine healthful ingredients with palate-thrilling flavors and textures. Unless anyone attending was very good at faking it, I'd say everyone had a wonderful time (I know I did!). Here are a few shots my lovely wife Marcia took over the course of the afternoon:

A little pre-class Schmoozing.

Chatting across the stove.

Starting at the beginning: the purpose of life.
Adding some hypnotic gestures...

A few final points before launching into the food preparation phase.

Explaining why I use Udo's Oil wherever flax oil is called for.

Demonstrating how to make "Simple Garlic Udo's Oil."

Starting the Pimento Soup...

Answering a question...

Grating a potato into the soup to thicken and make it silky-creamy.

Straining the soup.
Starting the Mushrooms: in go the baby portobellos.

Adding the wild mushroom mix.

The aroma is intoxicating at this point...

I really enjoyed this...

Stirring in the chopped parsley and lemon juice.

Getting ready to make the "Green Curry Salad."

Slicing some Napa cabbage.

Adding lime peel to the green curry dressing.

Putting chopped ginger and chocolate into the blender.

Pouring coconut milk on top, before blasting to smithereens.

Heartfelt thanks to my volunteer helpers, Melody and Kim, and especially 
to my wonderful new friends and generous hosts, Laura and Tim Spear!


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