Thursday, February 3, 2011

Roasted Cauliflower and Beet Salad

Something unusually magical happens to cauliflower when you roast it. The taste intensifies considerably, partly because it shrinks and dries slightly, concentrating the juices. And of course there is a little caramelizing action, which adds a sweet layer to the overall complexity--not that any of this adequately explains such a fundamental makeover.  Beets undergo a similar transformation, though not quite as  dramatic, and the two together make an unbelievable taste-texture (and color) treat. Very little is needed to make them into an unforgettable salad (just a splash of EVOO, 18-year-old balsamic, salt and pepper, really). I do put a few sprigs of fresh thyme in the roasting pan, and then add some more, freshly chopped, at the final toss, but that's about it. The parsley is pretty much window dressing--a flash of green for eye appeal more than anything. You can eat this hot, warm, room-temp or cold--it rocks no matter what.

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