Monday, December 20, 2010

Hot & Cold Vodka for the Holidays

This is perfect in freezing cold weather (or anytime, actually). Served fresh from the freezer, it's a knockout. You get this thick, icy flow down your throat, immediately followed by a burst of flavor and heat that roars all through you, from your mouth down to your chest and stomach. Then it dissipates slowly as your head tries to wrap itself around what just happened. It may sound masochistic, but you'll be surprised how good the whole thing feels. It's addicting, though, so watch it--this will creep up on you after a few shots!

It's super easy to make. First pick a nice vodka. I use Tito's (made in Austin, Texas) because it's both super-smooth and inexpensive (around $19.95 for 750 ml). Pour out a shot and set aside (or shoot--it's not going back in the bottle). Take 4 very fresh, unblemished habanero chilies and quarter them lengthwise. Carefully pare out and discard the seeds. Stuff the quarters into the bottle, replace the cap, and shake once. Place in the freezer and let the flavor and burn develop for about 3 days. Keep in the freezer until just before serving.


  1. i bet it is hot with the habaneros..

  2. It is hot, but not the way food is when prepared with habaneros. This is like a flash of heat that dissipates fairly quickly--and the ice-cold vodka provides a silk-smooth buffer. It was a lot more enjoyable than I first expected.