Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Back In Action--Finally?

I hesitate to make any sort of predictions that involve technology, but it does look like my computer is really fixed this time--after four months of "repairs" that lasted a day or two before the freezing and crashing resumed. I now have a new motherboard and high hopes!

In other good news, it turns out I don't have thyroid cancer after all! Of course, they had to take out half my thyroid to figure this out, but hey--I still have the other half, and I'm told I'll be able to function normally on just one lobe (eventually).


My April column on One Green Planet Is "Permitted" Enough?  is up and ready for viewing.

And I have two food articles in the April issue of Delicious Living Magazine (and one of my dishes made the cover!). Pick up a free copy at your local health food store--or if  they don't carry it, ask them why!  

Plus: I have a new project that I've been working on these last four months (with and without that unreliable computer) that is almost ready to launch (pretty exciting).

Hint: This will be good for vegans, non-vegans who want to try vegan, and vegans who want to help friends and family try vegan.

Stay tuned! I'm back in action--finally!

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