Friday, August 12, 2011

Preserved Lime Dirty Martini

I'm off to Chicago this morning, to demo my book, Speed Vegan at the Veggie Fest on Saturday and Sunday. They tell me thirty thousand people are expected!

I'll have no time to blog this weekend, so I thought I'd leave you with that martini I mentioned earlier. I must warn you, it's not for everyone (my wife hated it), but if you've taken the prerequisite step of making preserved lemons or limes (or buying them at a a specialty store), it's worth a try.

Pull a quarter of a preserved lime (or lemon) from the brine and scrape off the pulp. Cut the rind into thin strips and place one in each glass. Drop any remaining strips into a shaker and fill with ice. Pour in a teaspoon or so of the brine and add a teaspoon or so of light agave nectar. Add two shots of very smooth vodka per person (I highly recommend Tito's--the price is very reasonable and it's every bit as good as the premium brands). Cover tightly and shake like you want to seriously bruise the contents. Strain into the glasses. Clink and drink. TGIF, yah?


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